I've always had a thing for gnomes, specially Rien Poortfliet's version, they're quite iconic. Not wanting to copy his style, I decided to make my own interpretation of the mythical creatures. I drew inspiration from 1930's animated cartoons, but tried to give it a modern twist.

PUPPET KARAOKE a puppeteering experiment

Making hand-drawn animation is great fun and gives wonderful results, but it is also very time-consuming. This in combination with a recent interest in making tangible work, I sewed a puppet to play with. A felt hat, wig made of sheep's wool and shoes made of hobby foam that are made orange with nail polish. Making the doll was a fun, but long process of trial and error. I digitally animated the face with After Effects.


A board game prototype

Survive a year in the life of wild rabbits in Bunny Nation. This game explores the idea of growing a bunny family following the Fibonacci numbers. Accompanied by fairytale-esque elements, each season of the year comes with its own threats and bonuses.